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An award winning Australian Artist and prolific maker of superbly crafted sterling silver jewellery and mixed metal wearable art. Victoria specialises in bespoke, one of a kind commissioned jewellery and body sculpture (Bodiware) for weddings, formal occasions, films, theatre, haute couture, fashion parades and everyday wear –  her designs are dramatic and show her distinctive flair for creating strong yet sensuous works of art that comes alive on the wearer.

Previous Collections

A small selection of images have been chosen to show you some collaborations between professional photographers / models and Victoria’s signature works of art – wearable body sculptures in both precious and non- precious metals.

“There is a lot of time, energy and patience required to bring the images that are so clear in my imagination into reality – the true pleasure is to work with such amazing photographers and models who bring these pieces to life.”

What Victoria’s Clients Say…

For more than 10 years it has been my pleasure to exhibit Victoria Edgars bespoke jewellery and striking sculptures. Victoria’s pieces are a stand out in any display. Crafted with a skilled hand, an eye for detail and an imagination to bring exquisite designs to life, she manages to fuse an organic feel with a flair for the exotic. Highly sort after Victoria’s hallmark echoes through decades of work, whilst each individual piece is created with due diligence and passion making every item unique. Imbued with her energy it is a privilege to own a Victoria Edgar piece and to represent her

Just love what Victoria made for me – stunning

Unbelievably superb collection. Utterly world class and so imaginative! Congratulations

I have had the privilege of witnessing the journey of inspiration, design and crafting as well as photographing Victoria’s beguiling creations for the last 30 years – from my heart I can honestly say her creative flair and organic evolution show her off as an artist of rare drive and vision.

The ability and willingness to share her unique vision whilst still allowing photographic freedom is such a rare and precious thing, a quality that is shared by her dazzling, extensive body of work.

I fell in love with Victoria Edgar’s unique style evident as an emerging designer and have commissioned numerous pieces of jewellery and sculpture since.

Victoria Edgar is a contemporary jeweller and sculptor of international standing, with a distinct style influenced by mid-century European design, that is romantic, unique and glamorous. Her Wearable Body Sculpture sold globally, has received international accolades for her ability to challenge our perceptions of jewellery as personal art.

I have been a huge fan of Victoria’s jewelry for over 20 years now. I love wearing her pieces as everyone always comments about how unusual they are and how beautifully they are designed. She spends so much time and creative energy making sure that each item is perfect for the person who will be wearing it. The Victoria Edgar jewelry that I own will definitely be passed down to my children as heirlooms. I love everything she does and am always looking for the next time I can treat myself to another ring or bracelet!

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